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UAV Mission Specialists

We epitomize professional UAV pilot teams! When it comes to reaching remote areas we are all terrain vehicle experts with the planning skills to match. There are no jobs too large or too small for us.

UAV Aerial LiDAR & Photogrammetry

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are our expertise. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to capture the area of interest with speed, absolute accuracy and precision in order to provide our customers ground breaking deliverables ASAP.

Aerial / Mobile / Terrestrial Modeling & Mapping

Combine multiple datasets to get a complete view of your project from multiple angles and POVs. 

Consultation & Mission Planning

We are experts in mission planning and logistics capable of capturing data in the most remote areas with limited access and unique challenges.

House_RGB_View2 House_RGB_View2

House RBG View

House GPS View

Capture data of anything, anywhere

UAV LiDAR isn’t limited by traditional, manual surveys. We can access remote areas with dense vegetation and a variety of complex terrain with precision and efficiency. 

Aerial and Terrestrial LiDAR lidardrone

Speed & Accuracy speedandaccuracy

Volumetrics & Contours contours

3D Modeling Capabilities cad

Industry & Forestry Data industryforest

Easy Access & Consultation cloudacces

LiDAR GPS Time View

LiDAR and Terrestrial SLAM

LiDAR (light detection and ranging) uses eye-safe laser beams to “see” the world in 3D, providing machines and computers an accurate representation of the surveyed environment. These representations are called point clouds, & they are capable of displaying billions of highly accurate points (measurements) on the ground or any solid structure even through dense vegetation.

A LiDAR-based SLAM (simultaneous localisation and mapping) system uses a laser sensor to generate a 3D map of its environment. LiDAR measures the distance to any and all objects in its path. The laser sensor point cloud generated from this method is highly accurate and is ideal for mapping in construction. These high precision distance measurements can be used for a whole host of other applications too.

Fast & Affordable

Rapid deployment by highly experienced field teams.
Efficient captures using the most bleeding edge technology
Next day delivery on DEMs and basic classifications
6-14 day delivery on advanced processing such as Planimetrics (linework) & Enhanced Classifications

Accuracy & Quality
Point cloud is anchored to a surveyor’s control point with precision and accuracy meaning that 1 point can technically sign and seal the entire point cloud with a surveyor’s seal of approval.

Field Crew NADIR
Volumetrics Contours

Volumetrics & Contours


You can use point LiDAR point clouds to do highly accurate stockpile analysis accurately and much faster than counting trucks, hand measurements or other methods.


Contours derived from LiDAR data are not only incredibly accurate, but also day/weeks/months faster than traditional surveys. If a precise DEM/DTM is what you desire then there is simply no better way to accomplish it.

Point Cloud to Deliverables

Raw data into CAD ready deliverables in a fraction of the time with absolute accuracy, accuracy reports, linework, and classifications already completed providing you the easiest transfer directly into your desired modeling software.

File Formats include: 

    • .laz or .las
    • .dwg
    • .cpg
    • .prj
    • .shp
    • .dbf
    • .shx
    • .dxf
    • .ply
    • .xyz
Ground Only Linework Urban

Capture Dense Vegetation

Forestry Data

If the location of your project is in a wooded area, a LiDAR drone can accurately measure tree height, crown cover, volume, biomass and density of the forest. LiDAR can reach the ground surface through small openings in the canopy and foliage to capture depth data that is difficult to collect by traditional methods.


Cut through dust and poor visibility to monitor stockpile volume with extreme accuracy using geometric measurements from the point cloud data. LiDAR helps maintain the inventory of bulk materials such as gravel, salt, lime, sand, or other commonly used materials in industrial applications.

Gravel Pit and Plant
Active Mission


Mission Planning, Site Access, Equipment, and Proper Payload Selection. If you have a difficult job and need expert advice and/or assistance AVS will help you get it done!

Easy File Access

Your projects will be shared securely and efficiently directly to you in a fraction of the time providing you the most seamless of workflows going from field to desktop.

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